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Space Saving Tips to Organize and Make More Room in Your Garage

The messy garage is a common cliche for a reason. Many homeowners never get around to really maximizing the possibilities the space has to offer. If you would like to have a more intelligent garage that does a better job of protecting your cars, storing your possessions and giving you a space to work, take a moment to review these suggestions.

Evaluate Your Needs

Even though the garage is the storage and work center of your home, remember that its primary purpose is sheltering your vehicles. Outdoor parking is hard on cars and it presents a bit of a safety risk. That means you should always plan your garage layout to leave room for your autos!

Next, you should ask yourself whether you need storage space, a work area or both. Prioritizing your most pressing need helps you divide up your precious square footage productively. Do not assume that storage has to eat up floor space, though. A work-focused garage plan will need plenty of smart space-saving solutions to get the most out of a tight area.

Even if storage is your only interest, you can still make things easier on yourself by keeping the size of the job to a minimum. Be strict when evaluating whether or not you have to keep a given item around. Some bulky tools will do just fine in a modest outdoor storage shed and you don't need to keep leftover cans of paint around if you take down the color details for reference once you are done with them.

Think In Three Dimensions

You are probably already thinking about turning the walls of your garage into handy storage racks, but are you neglecting the possibilities right over your head? There are tons of storage options that can be ceiling-mounted to increase your garage's capacity. Ladders are particularly well-suited to be hung from your ceiling.

For more general storage, consider building your own support rails to mount plastic storage bins on the ceiling. These will need to be securely fastened to your garage's ceiling joists and you will need to buy your bins first so that you can space your rails properly. All you need to build the rails themselves are ordinary 2x4s and 3/4" plywood flanges to hold the bins.

Finally, make sure you are using all of your available wall space. Don't hesitate to mount hooks and storage racks right up at the ceiling. As long as you keep a stepladder handy, you will be able to make the most of the surface area available to you.

Smart Finishes Do Wonders

Few homeowners expect the garage to be as well-finished as the home's living spaces, but that does not mean you have to settle for exposed studs or roughly finished drywall! Pick finishes that will stand up to plenty of abuse and look great at the same time. One choice that is both durable and affordable is linoleum floor tile. This provides an impact-resistant surface that is a lot more visually interesting than bare concrete or wallboard.

For ultimate flexibility, consider finishing one or more of your garage walls in slotted wall board rather than conventional drywall. This heavy-duty product is designed for use in commercial spaces and there is a range of hangers and shelving systems designed to work with it. Using slotted board allows you to install reliable hangers virtually anywhere instead of having to limit yourself to wall studs.

Build In Versatility

If you know you are going to be using your garage primarily as a workspace, you can still free up plenty of useful square footage by making your plans as flexible as possible. Mount your workbenches on castors so that you can store them against the walls when you are not using them. Alternatively, you could use heavy-duty hinges to hang your workbench off a wall so that it folds up when necessary. Even storage cabinets can be put on wheels so that you can reorganize your garage space on the fly.

Setting your garage in order is not as hard as you think! By putting a little thought into the matter, you will soon see all of the great possibilities for storage and workspace that this room has to offer. A well-organized, space-saving garage goes a long way towards making your home a more livable place.

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